Our business model

Sky is the leading pay television provider in the UK and Ireland and the fastest growing provider of home communications services in the UK. As at 30 June 2012, we had 10.6 million customers taking a total of 28.4 million products.

What we do

Sky retails pay TV services to residential customers in SD, HD and 3D via satellite, on demand with Anytime+ and on the move with Sky Go, and from July 2012, via internet streaming with NOW TV. We keep our customers connected with great-value broadband and telephony products in the home via DSL and fibre, and away from the home with The Cloud WiFi. We also retail our TV services to commercial customers, and operate adjacent businesses wholesaling our channels portfolio, selling advertising on our own and partner channels and offering a range of betting and gaming services.

Our approach

We have a clear and consistent strategy: to attract new customers to Sky; sell more products and services to our existing customers; and develop our adjacent businesses. To achieve this broadly-based growth, we continue to invest in the customer experience while improving the efficiency of our operations, all with the aim of building a larger, more profitable business.

Our business model

We want to be the first choice for entertainment and communications so we put customers at the heart of everything we do. Through focus on quality, flexibility, value and service we can grow in a variety of ways, create value for shareholders, and make a broader contribution to the community.

Invest in standout

We invest in high-quality, exclusive content to give customers a greater choice of TV that they are passionate about.

Add value through

We deliver innovative new products and services which improve the experience of watching TV and add more value for customers.

Grow share in home

More customers are choosing Sky home communications products over other providers for our quality, value and reliable service.

Grow adjacent

Our content investment supports growth in our adjacent wholesale, advertising and Sky Bet businesses.

Increase operating

We focus on operating efficiency to deliver the best service, underpin investment in future growth and increase profit, cashflow and returns.

Develop our long-term capability

We continue to invest in the key building blocks of our brand, our people and our
infrastructure as key components of long-term success.

Build a larger, more profitable business


We are focused on building a sustainable business. We want to be known for being a great company to do business with, for making a positive contribution to UK and Irish life and for being a great place to work.

A responsible business day-to-day

Because our reputation is a valuable asset, we pay as much attention to the way we do business as we do to the quality of the services we offer.

Our people

We aim to attract the best talent and create a culture where they achieve their potential and have a great career.

Inspiring action

We extend our reach beyond the screen by inspiring our customers to make a positive impact on society.

How we manage risk

We identify and manage risk across the Group through a formal risk management framework.

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