How we contribute to the
UK economy

Sky is a relatively young company with a significant and expanding footprint. Our business has grown rapidly since it was established just over 20 years ago, generating significant returns for our shareholders and contributing positively to the UK economy as a whole.

This year, we commissioned a report from the independent consultants, Oxford Economics, in order to measure and explain the scale of our economic impact. The comprehensive study shows that Sky makes a significant contribution in terms of GDP, jobs and taxes paid. It also shows how we have stimulated economic activity in a wide range of associated companies and industries, through our investment, innovation and relationships with thousands of suppliers and business partners.

  • Sky is estimated to have supported a £5.4 billion contribution to UK GDP in calendar 2011.
  • We employ almost 23,000 people across the UK, including 2,600 in creative and production roles.
  • Sky supported a £2.3 billion contribution to tax revenues in 2011, equivalent to £36 for every person in the UK. Of this, £941 million came directly through corporation tax, business rates, labour taxes and VAT payments.