Annual Review

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Download the full Annual Review 2012 6mb
Chairman's statement 730kb
Chief Executive's statement 1.3mb
How we contribute to the UK economy 1.4mb
TV people love 2.3mb
More ways to watch 1.7mb
Connecting people 727kb
Super-serving customers 689kb
How we do business 1.5mb
Review of the year 758kb
Our business model 361kb
Our performance 586kb
Board of Directors 457kb
Summary Directors' report – Governance 193kb
Summary report on Directors' remuneration 393kb
Summary financial statement 209kb
Glossary of terms 153kb
Independent Auditors' information 153kb
Shareholder information 168kb

Annual Report

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Download the full Annual Report 2012 4.3mb
Business review 1.3mb
Financial and operating review 803kb
Board of Directors 1.2mb
Corporate governance report 967kb
Report on Directors' remuneration 982kb
Other governance and statutory disclosures 785kb
Statement of Directors' responsibilities 764kb
Independent Auditors' report 750kb
Consolidated financial statements 1mb
Group financial record 767kb
Non-GAAP measures 757kb
Shareholder information 772kb
Glossary of terms 761kb