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We understand the importance of playing a positive role in the society in which we operate. To achieve our goal of long-term, sustainable success, we need to build the trust of our 10 million customers and gain wider recognition that Sky is a responsible business making a valuable contribution to life in the UK and Ireland. So, in addition to meeting customers' needs with our products and services, we're also committed to doing the right thing, inspiring people to make a positive difference to society and making Sky a great place to work for our people.

A responsible business day to day

Our business is built on long-term relationships with millions of customers across Britain and Ireland. We recognise that they have high expectations of the companies they choose to do business with and will reward those brands that they trust to act responsibly and lead on the issues they care about. Beyond our own customers, we also want to be recognised more broadly as a business that has a positive impact on the society and communities in which we operate. So we understand the importance of doing the right thing and continuing to develop our reputation as a responsible business.

As a major UK business listed on the London Stock Exchange, we are committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance. Our Board ensures that the Company's strategy is aligned to the interests of our investors and takes account of the interests of our stakeholders. Its approach to Corporate Governance is based on a culture of honesty, integrity and transparency and in accordance with best practice at least half the Board, excluding the Chairman, are determined to be independent.

We're proud of our track record as a broadcaster. We've opened up more choice in television, stimulated the growth of a multi-channel industry and brought people more of the programmes they love. In common with the rest of the commercial television industry, our broadcasting activities are subject to regulation under Ofcom's Broadcasting Code, which sets out standards in areas such as fairness, privacy and impartiality of news programmes. We take our regulatory obligations very seriously and seek to abide by the Code at all times.

Because we know the importance of safety for parents, we give customers the tools they need to protect their children when using our television and broadband services. On our television platform, we provide market-leading parental control technology, including the ability to set a bespoke watershed or to restrict access to specific channels altogether. Likewise all of our broadband customers receive free parental controls for as long as they want them. This year, we co-authored a Government-backed Code of Practice for child internet safety and we continue to explore other ways of helping parents to control access to online content.

In line with our commitment to acting responsibly, we encourage a culture of doing the right thing in day-to-day operations throughout our business. That includes treating our customers with respect, ensuring all our dealings are professional and resolving problems as quickly as possible. It also includes building productive, fair, ethical relationships with the growing number of partners and suppliers that we do business with, promoting better social and environmental standards through our supply chain. We make sure that everyone at Sky understands our responsibilities towards customers and suppliers, as well as shareholders, colleagues and the wider community, through our code of business conduct, Sky's Ways of Working.

We recognise that protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility and we've been taking action to help to tackle climate change since 2005. Three years ago, we set ourselves 10 challenging environmental targets, including cutting our CO2 emissions by 25% per £million turnover, which we exceeded this year by making a 31% reduction. We also plan to source 20% of our energy from on-site renewables by 2020, which is something we're already doing at our new broadcasting facility, Sky Studios, Europe's most sustainable broadcasting facility. For detailed information about our environmental targets and performance, please visit the bigger picture website.


Our customers can set their own watershed or block access to channels


reduction in CO2 emissions per £million turnover

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