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We want to make the whole experience of watching television better. From improving picture and sound quality to giving our customers more control and flexibility over the ways they watch, we've constantly innovated to bring TV to life and help our customers get the most out of their subscription.

Improving the viewing experience

Over the years, we've constantly looked to improve the viewing experience with innovations like Sky+ and high definition (HD) TV. The reason is simple. They give customers more reasons to subscribe and help them get more value from their subscription.

It's now over a decade since we introduced Sky+, the personal video recorder (PVR) that ensures customers never have to miss a moment by allowing them to pause, rewind and record their favourite shows. Over nine million homes now have a Sky+ box and we continue to improve the service with the introduction of more on demand content. By connecting their Sky+ HD box to the internet, customers can access a huge library of on demand entertainment and movies, ready to watch when they want, all at no extra cost to their subscription.

As well as downloading programming from our entertainment and movies channels, customers can rent the latest blockbusters and classic movies instantly from the Sky Store. We've already added classic TV shows from the ITV library and we'll be adding more and more content over the coming months, including BBC iPlayer, Demand 5 and more shows from ITV – that means our customers will be able to enjoy the best of terrestrial TV as well as pay TV, whenever they want.

With its pin-sharp pictures and crystal-clear sound, HD TV has set new standardsfor quality. Over four million customers now have access to up to 60 HD channels on the Sky platform, which is the widest choice of HD viewing in the UK.

Meanwhile, through Europe's first 3D channel, our customers can also enjoy action that bursts out of the screen. Over the last 12 months, Sky 3D has broadcast music festivals, ballet, movies, sporting events and documentaries like Kingdom of Plants 3D, in which Sir David Attenborough used ground-breaking 3D technology to reveal the stunning secret lives of plants.

Sky+ the gold standard for TV time shifting.

Stuff magazine, October 2011

"Sky F1 hits you as if you've been shunted sideways by Kamui Kobayashi and then bashed up the exhaust by Pastor Maldonado. The sound and the high-definition pictures combine to make a superb double act..."

Paul Weaver,
The Guardian

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